Projecto Colors:

Nica Laila Gemo

Born and raised in Maputo – Mozambique

Member of the Mozambican Basketball National Team 1995 – 2011

Played basketball in NCAA division one university August 2001 – May 2005

Received an Americanscholarship August 2001 – May 2005

Professional Basketball player 2006 – 2011

Invited by Simone Santi in 2009 to be part of the Projecto Colors to serve as an example and image to the children that sports can be an open door to many opportunities in life. Through friends, family and network in pursue for sponsors to help this project grow and to facilitate the integration of children in need.

BergSpektiven unterstützt die gemeinnützigen Initiativen von Nica Laila Gemo in Mosambik

So konnten sich die basketballbegeisterten Waisenkinder inzwischen über neue Schuhe freuen. Und die lang ersehnte Erneuerung des Bodenbelags auf ihrem Trainingsplatz konnte auch realisiert werden!


SZ April 2019